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100 things that make me happy.

At the risk of sounding sappy, here are things that make me happy.

I think that everyone has certain things that make them unconditionally happy. Because it is a stressful and dismal day, I'm updating my list of some of the things that work for me. It's good to be happy.


100 Things That Make Seanan Happy.


100. The endless stream of lousy horror movies on SyFy.
099. Jamba Juice.
098. Tara answering her phone. ("Hello, my Seanan.")
097. Vixy answering her phone. ("Hi, sweetie!")
096. Seeing my books in the bookstore.
095. Having clear editorial paths to follow.
094. New comic book day.
093. Having a comic book store where everybody knows me by name.
092. Trade paperbacks.
091. Candy corn.
090. Autumn mix.
089. Figuring out what happens in the next book.
088. Lilly.
087. Alice.
086. Sitting down in a movie theater.
085. New trailers for movies I want to see.
084. Used bookstores.
083. BPAL updates.
082. Pendant posts from Chimera Fancies.
081. Finishing a comic strip.
080. Making Kate laugh.
079. Blackberries on the vine.
078. Street pennies.
077. Diet Dr. Pepper.
076. My orange bedroom.
075. Mia liking a song from a pendant.
074. Finishing a chapter.
073. Finishing a book.
072. Seeing a dog.
071. Seeing a kitty!
070. Squirrels with endemic bubonic plague.
069. LOLcats.
068. A new book from Stephen King.
067. Movie theater popcorn (no butter).
066. Heirloom tomatoes.
065. The Black Death.
064. Australia.
063. The horn section of the entr'acte for Act II of Little Shop.
062. The cover of "Hey Mickey" from Bring It On.
061. The Counting Crows.
060. Playing with kittens.
059. Email from my agent.
058. The daily cupcake update from Cups and Cakes.
057. New episodes of Fringe.
056. Dinosaurs.
055. Recording.
054. Taking long walks.
053. Double Gulps from 7-11.
052. Meeting deadlines.
051. Actually finishing a short story.
050. Pumpkin cake.
049. Creepy Australian zombie pumpkins.
048. Snakes.
047. Being invited to anthologies.
046. Books about pandemics.
045. Serious scholarly works about zombies.
044. Zombies.
043. James Gunn.
042. Tyra Banks's slow, inevitable descent into madness.
041. My Halloween pillowcases.
040. Toy chainsaws.
039. Real chainsaws.
038. Buying art supplies.
037. Pumpkin Spice anything from Starbucks.
036. People setting my poetry to music.
035. People liking my albums.
034. Getting cards in the mail.
033. Man-eating plants.
032. Smelling like graveyard dirt.
031. My plush velociraptor.
030. People liking my books.
029. Coming home.
028. Leaving home.
027. Halloween socks.
026. Halloween everything else.
025. Getting a manicure.
024. Unfamiliar grocery stores.
023. Farmer's markets.
022. Flea markets.
021. Being all packed for a convention.
020. Not needing to do any laundry.
019. My orange ceramic octopus.
018. Haunted corn mazes.
017. Collecting covers of "Rain King."
016. New Disney movies.
015. TV on DVD.
014. Scott and Emma still being together.
013. Tasty Indian food.
012. Going to the theater.
011. Going to England.
010. Kentucky Fried Chicken.
009. Pumpkin patches.
008. Borderlands.
007. Used bookstores.
006. Freaky suede alien kittyfaces.
005. Pigeons.
004. Finding books I didn't expect to find.
003. Kettle corn.
002. McDonalds soft serve.
001. My friends.


So that's my list. What's yours?
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