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Rosemary and reviews for the end of December.

Once again, review roundup for the sake of posterity. (Also for the sake of closing some tabs on my browser, which is starting to rock itself to sleep at night. I am not gentle with the poor dear.)

Cheryl Morgan says that "Some books leap out at me because they are really well written. Others leap out because they have dollar signs all over them." She puts Rosemary and Rue in the latter category. As I would be totally okay with having piles of money, I am totally okay with this. She says "The book is urban fantasy cut with a Chandleresque noir detective story, and it works very well." Thanks, Cheryl!

Christina from 3 Girls and a Stack of Books (which may be my favorite blog name of the week) says "I actually liked this book. Not one I would normally like, but I do like the little plot twists that keep cropping up." Also "I love the fae mythology used to keep this book hopping and can hardly wait for the next one." Since the next one is coming out so soon it's sort of scary, she won't have to wait for long.

Delusional Ange has posted her review over at Delusional World. It's short, consisting mostly of a plot summary, but says "I was torn between four and five stars. It's a really good book." Works for me.

Finally for today, the speed-reading book nerd has posted a review. Quote, "This has been on my "get it eventually" list for awhile, but I started reading it in the store and couldn't put it down. And I'm not even necessarily into the whole evil-fairy thing." Also: "I was actually rather nervous about finding out who the killer was because I kept hoping, "please, not that one! or that one!"" These things mean I win.

For those who wonder why I keep posting review roundups: It's helpful for me to remember that people are still reading and enjoying Rosemary and Rue, and it's sort of nice to have a single tag I can click to see what folks have been saying. (Also, watching the non-Amazon reviews tells me what I need to work on in future volumes. I take notes.)

2009 has been a good year. Here's hoping 2010 is even better.
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