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The obligatory reminder.

Are you wondering what to get for the person in your life who has everything? How about for that workplace Secret Santa, the one you barely know but sometimes see in the mail room? Or are you just looking for a treat to reward yourself for getting through 2009 without killing anybody with an axe? Well, then, might I recommend Rosemary and Rue [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy]? Which, to make things even more exciting, made the Locus Magazine Bestsellers List for September 2009? See? It's a bestseller! That means it's the perfect winter holiday gift! (Also, it takes place at Christmas, although hopefully, your winter holiday of choice will be more pleasant than Toby's.)

If you were hoping to get a signed copy, they have them at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, and they do ship. And, of course, all three of my CDs are available through CD Baby (the live album, Pretty Little Dead Girl, is about six inches from going out of print).

By this time next year I'll have four books and four CDs to worry about, so I won't necessarily be fussing quite as much over a single title (although, having met me, like, ever, you know that I will). But anyway, in short, Toby makes the perfect holiday gift. She'll drink all the eggnog and pass out on your living room couch, and she may throw things if you try to wake her, but on the whole, she's a really mellow house guest.


I swear.

Now please get her out of my house, and into yours.
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