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ARC giveaway #2: the winners!

Voting has closed on the second A Local Habitation ARC giveaway, and it's time to announce our winners. Remember, we expanded the slate to four in response to the many, many awesome entries. Winners get to pick their prizes in order (first place first, etc.). All winners have twenty-four hours to tell me what prize they want and email me—not LJ message—their mailing address. Any winners who do not contact me within this time period will be disqualified, and I'll move down the list.

In first place, batwrangler and the very orange snake! batwrangler has claimed the ARC of A Local Habitation.

In second place, stealthcello and the very blue Maine Coons!

And a tie for third between okayokayigive and exapno!

I will update this post as prizes are claimed. Thank you all for participating, and I'll announce the next contest soon.
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