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Word count -- DEADLINE.

Words: 7,217.
Total words: 70,621.
Reason for stopping: end of chapter thirteen. BEHOLD MY PROGRESS!
Music: the Food Network. We all have our process, right?
Lilly and Alice: flanking me here on the couch.

Deadline is now two hundred and forty-four manuscript pages long, which means I'm trucking right along. (Sadly, I'm less excited about potentially hitting three hundred pages than I am about my increasing proximity to 100,000 words. This is because I am a very simple creature in some ways.) I managed to finish one of my favorite action sequences, and now I'm poised to go rocketing into the next stage of the book: blowing more things up. I'm a big, big fan of blowing things up.

Looking at the manuscript for Feed, I'm right around halfway through the first draft. This is a little behind where I'd be if I hadn't been seized with the sudden burning need to finish Discount Armageddon, but a) I'm still on track to finish the first draft by the end of January, assuming I can stick to my daily assigned word counts (without getting sidetracked by another ambush novel), and b) I'm still not sorry, since rather than having two unfinished novels driving me crazy, I now have one unfinished novel driving me crazy, and that leaves me with a lot more sane to aim at the book in question. (The Brightest Fell doesn't count, it exists in its own separate partition of my brain.)

I'm really excited with where this book is going, and not just because there are zombies and lots of lovely excuses to blow things up and talk about viruses and have I mentioned recently that I completely adore this universe? Because I do. I adore this universe. I am the happiest zombie princess.

Alive or dead, the truth won't rest. Rise up while you can.
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