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Holiday shopping list #1: Urban yet awesome.

The urban fantasy/paranormal field is huge, and it's easy to miss things in the hectic whirl of books as they come and go. In an effort to make your holiday shopping a little easier this year, or at least a little less crazy-making, here are some urban fantasy/paranormal suggestions for the book-lover on your list—or for you, if you haven't read them all yet!

Out in hardcover just this fall, we have Frostbitten [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy], the latest in Kelley Armstrong's fabulous Women of the Otherworld series. If you're not familiar with this gorgeous patchwork world of werewolves, witches, sassy necromancers, and more, I highly recommend it. I also recommend starting with Bitten [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy], the book that started the whole adventure. Fun, fast, and best of all, if you love it, you don't have to wait for the sequels the way the rest of us did!

I stumbled over Wicked Game [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] by Jeri Smith-Ready this last year at DucKon, and was instantly delighted by her sense of humor, snappy writing, sexy heroine, and totally awesome sideways take on vampires. Best of all, the sequel, Bad to the Bone [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy], is already available! You can have your cake and eat it to with the staff of WVMP, the radio station with bite.

Tanya Huff is always a masterful mistress of urban fantasy, and she proves it again with her latest release, The Enchantment Emporium [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy]. She introduces the Gale family of witches, a mysterious junk shop in Calgary, and more, in a fast-paced rocket ride of a book that will leave you gasping for more. I really, really enjoyed it. Plus it's hardcover, so it makes an excellent tool for killing spiders.

The first book in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series, Ill Wind [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] totally rocked my socks off—enough so that I tracked down and devoured the rest of the available volumes (all nine of them) in less than a month. This is the gift that keeps on giving, although it may get you nasty looks from the person whose book budget you've just blown all to hell and back. The Weather Warden books are fast, fun reads, suitable for reading on vacation. Especially during a storm.

Lori Devoti's Amazon Ink [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] was one of those awesome surprises, a book that does something that totally unexpected and yet totally awesome at the same time. Combining Amazons who are more Xena than Wonder Woman with the modern-day Midwest, Traveller culture, and a genuine affection for tattoos makes this book a rock-and-roll romp for urban fantasy fans of all ages. Seriously. I'm loaning my copy to my mother, and then to my youngest sister.

In Dead to Me [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] by Anton Strout (and in the sequel, Deader Still [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy]) we are taken where sane men too-often fear to tread: into the strange and surreal world of humorous fantasy, which is too often overlooked in favor of its serious siblings. These books are purely in the spirit of Bureau 13, Men in Black, and The Middleman, with their snarky, cynical humor and tendency to turn the absurd into the morbid and creepifying. I recommend them for anyone who likes to laugh. And we all like laughing, right?

A Kiss Before the Apocalypse [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] and Dancing On the Head of a Pin [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] by Thomas E. Sniegoski are noir done right, angels done right, end-of-the-world done right...really, they're just right, and they're incredibly enjoyable to boot. An angel and his dog, a love story worth living for, and a whole lot of things worth dying for combine to make one delicious bundle of awesome.

Finally, of course, you can do worse than ordering Rosemary and Rue [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxy] for any readers in your life, or pre-ordering A Local Habitation [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxies]. Surprise them with time-delayed goodies! Better yet, get both, and then astonish them with your foresight when the second book shows up in their mailbox. Or just buy extra copies for yourself, thus giving me a holiday gift. I am neither picky nor proud.

What can you add to the list? Wow us all!
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