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Word count -- DEADLINE.

Words: 3,102.
Total words: 52,290.
Reason for stopping: end of chapter ten, I need to sleep.
Music: angry goth rock.
Lilly and Alice: sprawling on my bed like throw rugs.

It's time to get serious about Deadline, which is due at my publisher in June of 2010, and is only about halfway finished. Luckily for me (and for the way I work), eight months is both sufficient time to finish things cleanly, and sufficiently little time to feel like A Real-and-True Deadline, thus causing my good little girl "turn your homework in early" genes to kick all the way in. Ideally, I'll be most of the way clear of this book by Christmas, and be able to spend my holiday break sitting at Tony's kitchen table, doing cleanup and adjustment. Because that's just how we roll around here, yo.

Anyway, this installment marks two major milestones. First, the book is now more than 50,000 words long. Yay! 40,000 may be the point where a novella becomes a novel, but for me, 50,000 words has a strange, iconic power that I simply cannot deny. Second, the three volumes in the Newsflesh trilogy are novels divided internally into books. This installment marks the end of Blackout Book II (Vectors and Victims), and begins Book III (name to be disclosed when I decide which of the possible options it actually is). Feed is four books and a coda. Blackout is either going to be five books and a coda, or Book III is going to be extremely long. I don't know yet, and I'm really excited to find out.

I felt this book come all the way to life tonight. For a zombie novel, that's a good thing. The engine's on, and the car is purring.

Let's see what kind of damage we can do.
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