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So you want to attend a release party.

First up, the bad news: due to circumstances beyond reasonable control, the release party at the Other Change of Hobbit (originally scheduled for this coming Sunday) has been postponed until sometime in October. There are a bunch of factors that went into this, but at the end of the day, it comes down to "no one will be there to run the store" (sort of an issue). I went by yesterday and signed stock, so if you really want a signed copy, but can't make any of the other events, you can get one there. I'll announce as soon as we reschedule.

Now, in somewhat happier news...

Friday night, I'll be at Illusive Comics in Santa Clara (see store website for address and directions). The party starts at seven, and will definitely feature live music and cake, in an awesome, family-friendly comic book store setting. Kitten Sundae will be there, as will Amy McNally, and Mia Nutick of Chimera Fancies (possibly with something AWESOME that you just have to see). There isn't a hard cut-off point, but I recommend coming early, before I've eaten my body-weight in frosting and started climbing the walls.

Saturday, we'll be at Borderlands Books in San Francisco, starting at five in the afternoon (again, check store website for address and directions). As an important note, the Bay Bridge will be CLOSED. If you're not starting in the City, you'll either need to plan to take BART, or find another means of getting there. The bookstore is right between two BART stations, and there's very limited parking anyway, so this actually isn't that big a deal.

Saturday is going to run from five to approximately nine, and will feature live music, readings, and AN AWESOME RAFFLE! Drawings will be held at six, seven-thirty, and nine, and you must be present (or have given your ticket to someone else when you left) to win. The prizes must be seen to be believed. You can get a ticket one of three ways:

1. Show up.
2. Buy something from the bookstore (anything).
3. Bring baked goods (or rum balls, if your name is Joey).

More information to come!
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