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Rosemary and reviews, release week edition.

Hey, guys. I realize I've been as scarce as a quality script in a box of direct-to-video horror franchise installments, but I have a totally valid excuse: namely, the plague. I came down with a cold on Tuesday morning that I thought was in the "spend a day in bed and be all better" category, and turned out to be in the "have no memory of Wednesday or Thursday, don't start feeling human again until Sunday morning" category. Seriously, it was just a cold, but I haven't felt this bad due to an infectious agent in years. I wasn't even together enough to whine about the speed of viral amplification. It was scary. Amy arrived Friday morning, and says, of my condition, "You'd just crawled out of a somnolent alien slime pod."

See? I was too sick to even remember being abducted by the aliens! My germs have all the fun. Anyway...

Rebecca at Dirty Sexy Books—which you may remember posted a truly awesome review of Rosemary and Rue, saying, "I predict that this new series will be an urban fantasy powerhouse"—was kind enough to let me come back for a really fun and funny interview. I'm really enjoying the opportunity to do interviews around the Internet, especially since everybody keeps coming up with such different questions. (Questions I have yet to get, sadly: "How do you say your name?" "Do you really sleep with a chainsaw?" "What was the cause of the Black Death?")

Meanwhile, Erin (of Erin-Go-Blog!) decided to go ahead and throw her two cents into the ring, with a rockin' Rosemary and Rue review. Erin says...

"Seanan McGuire's first novel, Rosemary and Rue, is for anyone who has ever believed in faeries, for anyone who has ever wished to step into a wardrobe and out into a world that is magical and every bit as real as our own."


"If you like paranormal fiction, grown-up faerie tales, urban fantasy, tight prose, well-drawn worlds and characters, sarcasm, murder mysteries, or any combination thereof, pick up Rosemary and Rue. You won’t be disappointed."

Yay, Erin!

It's not a review roundup without a LiveJournal review, and today, markbernstein is filling that role, with his thoughtful and considerate review of Rosemary and Rue. Mark says...

"The things that most matter to me in a book, that draw me in if done well, are world building, characterization, and humor. McGuire is strong in all of those areas."


"Rosemary and Rue is about more than the detective plot. It's about re-establishing connections, dealing with guilt, and (to steal a phrase from the book) finding the way home. This adds a depth, a feeling of meaning, that far too many series books lack."

Closing out tonight's review roundup, we have Doug at Sci-Fi Guy, posting his fabulous and shiny Rosemary and Rue review for the consideration of the world at large. Doug says...

"Rosemary and Rue has a rich undercurrent of menace and constant threat of implied violence in its' portrayal of the fae creatures and customs that creates an atmosphere ripe with tension that perfectly complements the action. The fae world is a harsh one and the life of the Changelings even more so. Toby's pursuit of the truth is relentless and I can't remember the last time a main character was put to the test with such fervor. The central mystery and final outcome has enough surprises and twists and turns to satisfy serious mystery buffs."

Swoon. Also...

"Rosemary and Rue also has a delightfully fresh narrative voice. Every page has interesting turns of phrase and observations. It would have been easy to select dozens of quotations to share. The writing style alone would have been enough to keep me turning pages."

...oh, and...

"Rosemary and Rue is a startlingly good debut novel and destined for my top 10 list for 2009."


"With a dark, edgy mystery, plenty of magic and mayhem, humor and horror, Rosemary and Rue has something for everyone."
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