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The obligatory ROSEMARY AND RUE dead girl.

Maybe I'm silly—absolutely I'm silly, have you met me? Silly is a part of my religion—but I sort of feel like, if I'm going to do Dead Girls for the books of my friends, I ought to do one for my own book. Just so that Toby doesn't feel like she's being left out and, I don't know, come for me in the night.

Not that she won't be happy to do that anyway, given half a chance.

With Rosemary and Rue officially hitting shelves one week from today (and unofficially hitting shelves all over the planet as I speak), I'm a little tense, twitchy, and flipped-out, but I've mostly reached a state of mellow acceptance. I expect this to last, oh, about as long as anything else has in the past few weeks, but at least I'm getting work done during this little lull.

So here's our Mel, reminding you what's important for the weeks to come:

Thanks, everybody, for being a part of the pre-release madness. It's been awesome.
Tags: art, rosemary and rue, toby daye

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