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Uneventful trip, concluding in cats.

Vixy and Fishy delivered me to the Seattle/Tacoma International Airport approximately ninety minutes before my flight today. There was no line at the Virgin America counter, and effectively no line at security, allowing me to sail straight on through to the concourse. Once there, I checked the airport Borders for Rosemary and Rue (no luck) and checked the airport Wendy's for a vanilla Frosty (lots of luck). Boarding happened on time and in an orderly manner. I got my standard window seat, complete with my standard Grumpy Tall Guy Who Didn't Book Early Enough and Got Stuck in the Middle, and Sullen Girl on the Aisle Who Doesn't Understand Why We Need to Pee. Good times were had by all.

The in-flight entertainment allowed me to watch Eureka returns while I worked on The Brightest Fell (now through chapter twelve). I adore my Netbook, it allows me to actually work on planes, rather than pretending to work until I want to stab the person reclining their seat onto my laptop with a plastic swizzle stick, then sleeping bitterly. Sure, I'm a lot more tired when I reach my destination, but wow, do I get a lot of work done.

Seeing the reports of where Rosemary has been seen continues to absolutely delight me; thank you so much for the pictures and for sharing. And now I shall bow to the demands of my cats and go to bed, before they decide to take matters into their own paws and force the issue.
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