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Ten more days; almost there...

Yesterday's excitement (and the ongoing reports of Rosemary and Rue sightings everywhere from California to Scotland) aside, we're still ten days out from the official "this is when the book hits shelves" release date. Because the book doesn't have a fixed street date—I am not, my mother's enthusiastic ravings aside, Stephen King—it's perfectly okay for bookstores to be selling it now, if a little hard on my nerves.

Tonight, I fly to Seattle for the Grants Pass launch event (with cake!) and Vixy's birthday (also with cake!). A week from today, Amy arrives, and will be staying through to the end of the various book release parties, because she is a good and wise and wonderful Amy that way. Two weeks from today, I'll be at Illusive Arts Comics and Games in Santa Clara, celebrating my book release with the first of three local-area book events.

I am elated and terrified, which is very odd to experience. It's sort of like being at the top of that first big hill on a roller coaster. On the one hand, you stood in line for this, possibly for hours; you had plenty of time to say "no, you go ahead, I'm just going to go get myself a corn dog and laugh at your plight as you go off to play with physics." On the other hand, it's way too late to get off the ride now, and now's when you have second thoughts, such as "can I really make physics my bitch?" You'll have a wonderful time once you start to plummet. The psychological hang-time is still not all that much fun.

I've been trying to get to the point in my life and career where I could write this post for over a decade now. I've been standing in line for this moment for the last year and a half, since the day The Agent called me and said "We got DAW." But wow, am I going to scream when the falling starts. Ten more days.

Ten more days, and I know damn well and good that as soon as we reach the bottom, I'm just going to go and get back into line. Roller coasters rule.
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