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Rosemary and reviews: a new beginning.

It's time for the latest Rosemary and Rue review round-up. This keeps me from building up a collection of links the length of my arm. I appreciate not having a collection of links the length of my arm. It's soothing.

To start with, oneminutemonkey has a fair and balanced list of the things that Rosemary and Rue will and will not do for you. I want to add to these lists. For example, Rosemary and Rue will neither cure leprosy nor give you smallpox. See? It's fun!

Meanwhile, Night Owl Romance offers a more serious review. I'm a Night Owl Romance top pick, which is pure hammered awesome in a solid-gold bucket, and means I get extra candy corn tonight with dinner. Anyway, Night Owl Romance says:

"This book is haunting, even after you finish it. I was so impressed with this book that I want to read it again. Faerie and our world exist side by side; this is what urban fantasy is all about!"


Meanwhile, queenlyzard has posted a thoughtful review, based on her getting an early copy of the book at the San Diego Internation Comic Convention. She says:

"It was very good. I won't jump out and say it's the best supernatural mystery I've ever read, and it certainly wasn't the most surprising as far as plot-twists, but it was well-worth picking up."

This actually makes me really happy, since again, it won't cure leprosy. I was even happier to see:

"I didn't catch a single typo or grammatical error, which is both very refreshing and downright amazing in a first novel."

Shout-out to my darlings in the machete squad! Full contact editing is in the house.

Finally, I have a review from Bookpage, wherein they say:

"McGuire successfully blends Robert B. Parker-like detective fiction with love and loss, faith and betrayal—and plenty of violence. The first in McGuire’s planned trilogy, Rosemary and Rue will have readers clamoring for the next genre-bending installment."

I'm always amused by carefully gender-neutral reviews, and even more amused when they call this a trilogy (oh, you have no idea...). But also, yay! I love it when I get to be genre-bending. It makes me feel all warm and fulfilled. Or maybe that's the candy corn I had for lunch.

It's a good day.
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