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Awesome artist (is awesome): Bill Mudron taking commissions!

Bill Mudron—proprietor of Excelsior Studios—is currently open for commissions! Bill is an awesome guy to work with, fast, responsive, and has really reasonable prices. I'm pimping him out because I can't throw any more commission work his way right now (not unless Santa decides to surprise me with a lottery ticket), and he's just plain awesome to work with.

Bill did the cover for my third album, Red Roses and Dead Things (click here to see the back cover), in addition to several other awesome pieces for me. Want to see exactly how bad-ass he is? Check out his latest:

That is, in fact, Alice from the InCryptid series, looking like she's basically getting ready to start shooting and not stop until everything she's shooting at has stopped moving. If you're looking for art, Bill is totally your guy, and I can't recommend him highly enough.
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