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Eight months of Alice.

Alice* is eight months old today. The world has been fortunate enough to experience eight months of Alice.

Alice takes after her big brother, Alligator—the cat who made me realize that I could fall in love with the Maine Coon—in that she is constantly in the water. Her favorite toy is a big metal baking bowl, filled with water. Her second favorite toy is the front hall closet. I come in a mere third...but she loves me, and that's enough.

Alice is a "with" kitty, rather than an "on" kitty. Siamese are almost universally "on" kitties, and I never thought I'd want a "with" kitty, but it's actually strangely soothing to know that whatever room I'm in, Alice is probably going to be in there, too. She sprawls behind my desk chair while I write, putting herself in grave danger, and doesn't seem to care. She just wants to hang out with her human, and be where I am.

Alice hates to have her claws clipped, but is very good about velveting her paws, and has been since the one time she accidentally scratched me hard enough to make me yell. Alice loves to be brushed. We had...issues...this morning, since last night, her brushing was delayed by the arrival of my author's copies, and she hid my glasses by way of revenge. The cats don't see any problem with me being several hours late to work. My day job does not actually agree with them.

Alice is wonderful. I can't imagine going back to living without her.

(*For those of you joining this program already in progress, Alice is my blue classic tabby and white Maine Coon. She joined the household on April 5th, and promptly made herself a fixture. Her full name is Alice Price-Healy Little Liddel Abernathy McGuire. Yes, I really call her that. Yes, she answers.)
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