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Rosemary and reviews, yet again.

Pardon me while I take a few moments to catch up on reviews that managed to somehow slip past me when they were first posted (or wound up in my "post about this" file, and didn't get grabbed they should have been). Also, some new stuff. Yippee!

First up, Book Love Affair posted a truly charming and complementary review, which delights me. My favorite quotes:

"Give Rosemary and Rue a shot. The October Daye series is sure to have a legion of fans before long. And because the series is just beginning, one may as well start out following Toby from the beginnning."


"Just keep this in mind: September 1st, September 1st, September 1st. Any fan of urban fantasy or San Fran native should be going out to pick up a copy of McGuire's debut Rosemary and Rue. You won't be sorry."

See? You won't be sorry!

Meanwhile, the Insights of a Deranged Book-A-Holic posted this awesome review, stating that "Rosemary and Rue is the quintessential Dark Fantasy novel and a must read for anyone looking to add to their new favorite authors." So, y'know, yay for that. (Also yay for the expression of jealousy toward anyone who's had the chance to read books two and three. Behold, for now I wear the series pants.)

The delightful folks over at Aphelion—the webzine that runs the syndicated form of my "Thoughts On Writing" series—posted their review in this latest issue, causing me to squeal and dance around. My favorite quotes:

"Seanan's fairy tale noir is gritty, bitter, beautiful, strange, bewitching and ugly all at once, and vividly unforgettable."


"Rosemary and Rue is a marvelously original story that will stay with you, leaving you taking second looks and sideways glances just to wonder what might be hiding behind the world you walk through."

It's been too long since we've had a good LJ review. twfarlan fixed that for us, when he posted his review (sharing space with a review of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, no less). He calls me out on one of my weaknesses—I really get tired of describing exactly what everyone looks like, and tend to come from the Stephen King school of "why, honey, they look like you unless it matters"—but otherwise seems to be well-pleased. Yay!

Finally, Mysterious Galaxies has included Rosemary and Rue in their latest batch of reviews. Maryelizabeth calls Rosemary "a fascinating and fresh take on well-traveled territory" and "my favorite new urban fantasy debut." So I'm happy.

And that's our reviews for today. Remember, nothing says "love" like reviewing your friendly neighborhood fairy tale noir author in as many places as possible!
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