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WorldCon 2009 set list.

As has become the tradition around here, I present the set list for my latest concert (Montreal WorldCon, 2009). Complete with annotation and lyric links. Because I'm kind like that.

The WorldCon set list, with arrangement notes, was as follows:

1. "Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves." (Seanan, vocals; Dave Weingart, guitar.)
2. "Carnival Glass." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)
3. "Missing Part." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)
4. "Mama Said." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)
5. "This Is My Town." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)
6. "The Black Death." (Seanan, epidemiology; Dave, guitar.)
7. "Last Call." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)
12. "My Story Is Not Done." (Seanan, vocals; Dave, guitar.)

This was a very stripped-back set: just me and a guitarist that I don't perform with very often. Dave was a superstar, and really busted his ass (and his fingertips) dealing with my crazy-train idea of "reasonable" musical arrangements. "Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves" was chorded by Kristoph Klover. "Carnival Glass" was chorded by Debbie Gates. "Missing Part," "Mama Said," "This Is My Town," "Last Call," and "My Story Is Not Done" were chorded by Paul Kwinn. "The Black Death" was chorded by Paul Kwinn, and adjusted by Jeff Bohnhoff.

As always: "This Is My Town" is on Stars Fall Home (studio) and Pretty Little Dead Girl (live). "The Black Death" is on Red Roses and Dead Things.

"Wicked Girls" was originally going to be the closing number, but I was asked to shift it forward by some folks who had a panel conflict but really wanted to hear it done live. I try to be agreeable, when I can. The modified bridge for WorldCon was...

"Mandy's a pirate, and Vixy's run off with the fairies,
While Sheila keeps careful account of the treasure she buries...
Michelle poses riddles and Marsha plays tricks,
While Judith calls music from wires and sticks,
And the rules that we live by are simple and clear:
Be wicked and lovely, and don't live in fear."

All told, it was a good show, and I was only slightly intimidated by the fact that what seemed like half of DAW was in the audience.
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