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Giving interviews is fun; getting books is better.

So I was interviewed over at Words to Mouth, by the charming and erudite Carrie Runnals. I enjoy giving interviews, in much the same way I enjoy writing bios for my website. I am also inevitably convinced that I came off sounding like a chirpy sunshine-and-rainbows-and-Marburg moron. It's fun living inside my head. That's where all the weasels are.

Anyway, if you hie on over to the interview and leave a comment before August 31st, you can win a free copy of Rosemary and Rue. "But wait," you cry, "I've already pre-ordered!" Or perhaps, "I don't want to wait that long!" But oh ye of little faith, don't you think you could come up with something awesome to do with an extra copy of Rosemary and Rue? Donate it to a library. Leave it as a tip for your favorite diner waitress. Wedge that shaky bookshelf with something other than your Algebra textbook, thus saving yourself from the curse of the crazy Classics major. Whatever makes you happy! The possibilities are truly endless.

I have at least two more interviews coming up in the next few weeks, and it's beginning to make me a little bit twitchy. Again, I love giving interviews, it's all just...very real these days. My soundtrack for the past few weeks has consisted (when it wasn't endless versions of "Rain King") of "Writing Again" and "Moving Too Fast" from The Last Five Years. Sample:

Did I just hear an alarm start ringing?
Did I see sirens go flying past?
Though I don't know what tomorrow's bringing,
I've got the singular sensation things
Are moving too fast...

It's an excellent song, sung by a character I very much identify with (except for the part where he's a Jewish New Yorker, rather than an Irish California blonde). And wow is that how I spend a lot of timing feeling just now.

So go, comment, maybe win a book, and make Carrie feel like interviewing me is a really awesome idea. Whee!
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