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Addendum to the hitchhiking ghost post.

First, thank you to everyone who chimed in. I heard some versions of the legend that I'd never encountered before—including one from my own backyard!—and since the hitchhiking ghost is one of my favorite urban legends, this was awesome. Several people cited songs about hitchhiking ghosts, which I thought was even cooler, since I have what is essentially a song cycle about a hitchhiking ghost named Rose.

For the curious, and those who've always, let me tell you about Rose Marshall:

  • "Pretty Little Dead Girl." This is the title song of my first album, Pretty Little Dead Girl, and appears on Stars Fall Home. I consider this the "urban legend" version of Rose's story, as well as the "filthy libel" version.

  • "Graveyard Rose." The other side of Rose's legend. This is the one they tell in truck stops all across the country, at least inside my head.

  • "Waxen Wings." She was a girl with hopes and dreams and prayers of her own, once upon a time. Things didn't turn out well. Things so often don't, for girls like Rose.

  • "When I Drive." I've never been sure exactly how Rose died, except that she did it on the road, and she did it in a way that left her stranded. I think she was trying to get away.

  • "Counting Crows." When you're eternally sixteen, and eternally trying to hitchhike your way to home, you sometimes get a little lost along the way.

  • "Hanging Tree." Rose falls in love over and over, and they always grow up, and leave her. She's like a dead Peter Pan that way.

  • "On Dead Man's Hill." But before they leave her, they love her, at least for a little while; at least until they outgrow her. Someday, maybe one of them will get her home.

I do love my pretty little dead girl. Which brings us to today's special bonus! You may remember that I've occasionally posted really awesome artwork done by the remarkable Amy Mebberson. Amy isn't currently taking private commissions, since she's busy doing art for the official Pixar comic books, but I am equipped with many, many secret hidden goodies. And today, I bring you...

...Rose Marshall.

She never had a chance.
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