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Tax day cat pictures!

For those of us in the continental United States, today is Tax Day: the day when it becomes more physically unsafe to be in the immediate vicinity of a post office than it is to be in the middle of the mall on Christmas Eve. Because I am a merciful human being who understands that angry mobs, like other natural disasters, sometimes just happen, I have elected to celebrate Tax Day in the most sensible way possible.

To whit: cat pictures. Today we're focusing on Alice, because you aren't as tired of looking at her yet.

It took Alice—short for Alice Price-Healy Little Liddel Abernathy McGuire, because I like names that I can really commit to shouting—approximately five minutes to decide that I was her people and my bedroom was her place to be. It's good to have cats that can understand the situation so clearly, right out the gate.

As my friend Josh said, "Why is it no surprise that your bedspread is orange?" As I said, the bedspread is actually orange, green, brown, and "you need to wash the bedspread now" eggshell-cream. It does a remarkably good job of not showing cat hair.

Behold the enormous golden and green eyes of endearingness! Alice can melt you with a guilesome stare, and I don't just mean because she has access to napalm.

Like all sensible cats, Alice likes a good cat tree. Like all sensible cats belonging to me, she doesn't object to the color orange.

What's this? Why, could it possibly be...a dangling fish?!

Alice whips out the BIG DAMN GUNS of being impossibly adorable.

That is one tricky fish, friends and neighbors.

Apparently, playing peek-a-boo with the fish is just as good as killing it. Who knew?

All that playtime was very, very tiring. Also, my rug demonstrates the concept behind failing to blend into your surroundings. Here I am, supplying a nice blendable pattern, and here she is, not blending. CAMO FAIL.

Flopped flopped.

A kitten at rest doesn't object as much when you take her picture.

Blue cat and pumpkin blanket. Oh, she is so mine.

I leave you with LASER-EYE KITTEN, adrift in a sea of glorious orange and Halloween linen. Hopefully, she can blast your Tax Day blues away.

Next time, Lilly and Alice together!
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