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HALF-OFF RAGNAROK giveaway: random numbers for everyone.

It's time to give away an ARC of Half-Off Ragnarok! This one is going to be both short and simple, because I'm going away for the weekend, so:

1. To enter, comment on this post.
2. If you are international, indicate willingness to pay postage.
3. That's it.

Please do not comment on other people's comments, as nested comments can confuse the random number generator. I will choose a winner at 12pm PST on Wednesday, January 22nd, and mail your prize first thing in the morning on Thursday, January 23rd. So more than ever, if you don't get me your address in a super-timely fashion, you won't receive your prize.

Game on!
Tags: giving stuff away, halfoff ragnarok, incryptid
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