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Words: 14,505.
Total words: 25,647.
Reason for stopping: ...uh. I think my brain just ran out my ears.
The cats: All three, eating. Mom fed them to make them stop circling my ankles.
Music: random shuffle, mostly Glee MP3s and modern country.

Um. I appear to have just written more than 14,000 words in a single day, with a break in the middle to walk to the grocery store (and another break to eat dinner, a lovely salmon and nectarine salad). I just what I don't even what. I feel like this book got tired of living inside my head and decided to get out with a jackhammer, if that was what it took.

I also feel, sadly, like this is me finally finding equilibrium with being home all day (I had the memorial service, and then I had two sick days, when my body simply said "okay, that's it, we're done" and shut down). So I have hit my groove, I have found my sweet spot...and I get to go back to work on Monday. Which is going to reset things all over again.

But in the end, that's okay, because I added the equivalent of two full short stories to this book today. And I'm going to try to do the same, or close to the same, tomorrow, allowing me to spend Monday night working on actual short stories while the Machete Squad recoils in terror from their inboxes.

Bed now.

Tags: chimes at midnight, toby daye, word count
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