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Happy birthday, Thomas!

Today is Thomas's first birthday! Yes. One year ago precisely, Thomas Price Lynn Rhymer Taylor McGuire was unleashed upon the world by Betsy Tinney at Pinecoon Maine Coons, who was kind enough to then let him come and live with me. In honor of his birthday, Thomas has been brushed, cooed over, given treats, and didn't get yelled at for sleeping on the counter.


This is Thomas, right after I brought him home from Seattle. So he was about four months old, full of curiosity and twitching. Such a sweet boy.

Thomas promptly began to fit into our lovely Halloween world, displaying a good eye for lighting, and a fondness for orange things. He's about six months old here.

Long very, very long. Seven months old, and having the first of the really major, disturbing, "weren't you smaller when I left for work this morning?" growth spurts.

This picture was taken yesterday. That tree is sized to full-grown, large cats. Note how much of it Thomas fills. I live with the Yeti.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.
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