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Sometimes we share pretty things.

Periodically, I mention recording or doing musical projects or make excuses about my word counts. 'Sorry, couldn't finish that chapter, I was recording.' 'Oops, didn't process edits, I was recording.' Well, it being a sort of doleful Tuesday, and much of my weekend having been devoured by recording, I decided that I should provide an example of exactly what that means. So here you go, world:

'Wicked Girls Saving Ourselves.'

This is a very rough take, and I know that I pop the mic a few times (among other things). Basically, we recorded vocals and guitar on the same track to give people something to rehearse from, and Kristoph retreated to perform acts of strange alchemy resulting in a truly awesome guitar part being unleashed upon the world. At that point, I'll go back in and record a real vocal line, one sans unpleasant popping. But for now, that's the song, and I am glad of it.

Life is good.
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