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Save your receipts, win a book!

To celebrate the announcement of the fourth and fifth books in the Toby Daye series, we're having a little contest! Namely...

1. If you have purchased either Toby book since the official release of A Local Habitation (March 2nd, 2010), post or email me* a picture of your receipt. Make sure I can tell which book it was for.

2. I will put your name in a spreadsheet.

3. On April 1st, I will choose five names at random from the spreadsheet. Those five people will win the book they didn't send me the receipt for.

What does this mean? Well, it means you could win a signed copy of either book. Or, if you've been looking at the series and wondering whether you're ready to jump in, you can pick up a copy of Rosemary and Rue and potentially get a copy of A Local Habitation right about when you're really starting to yearn for more Toby. Or you can direct your friends over here as a chance to get a foothold in a new series. Whatever makes you happy.

Also, to clarify a few points: In this instance, the contest is hard-copy book purchases only, since that's what I have to send as prizes, and is US/Canada only. I do lots of "no purchase required" contests, so we'll just roll with this one being a little specialized, okay?

Game on!

(*This is a paid Livejournal. You can email to my-journal-name at livejournal-dot-com. That allows attachments.)
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