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Icon contest!

I feel like having a contest. A contest wherein people who feel creative get to make things. And snowishness just posted a huge, amazing batch of icons based on my song lyrics, which made me think. So...

Here is my first ever ICON CONTEST. You enter by making ICONS (100x100 images intended for use on sites such as this one). By entering an icon in the contest, you grant other people the right of use, with credit. You can enter icons which you have previously posted, either here or on your own journal. All icons must be based on something I have created, from Toby to song lyrics to Feed to the Velveteen or Sparrow Hill stories.

Post your entries here, as comments on this post. Please make all entries their own thread, so that I can find them for voting purposes. You can enter multiple times. Please indicate what prize you are entering to win. Prizes available:

1) Signed copy of Rosemary and Rue.
2) Signed copy of A Local Habitation.
3) Signed ARC of Feed.
4) Set of my CDs.

Please make your entries by including your entry in the BODY of the comment. Be sure to specify which prize you want. Lack of specification means I decide you're just showing off, and do not want to win.

There will be between one and four winners, depending on the number of entries received (I'll make this determination later). Entries will be taken for one week, starting now. If you are taking one of the contest entries for personal use, please comment to let the creator know. Don't post icons that other people made.

Game on!
Tags: contest, geekiness, giving stuff away, icons
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