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First sighting in the wild.

I realize that we're eleven days early. That's probably why I feel like I'm having a coronary right now. That having been said, the first sighting-by-author of Rosemary and Rue in the wild has officially occurred, at the San Francisco Borders located at 4th and King.

I am on the very front of the "selected paperbacks" rack.

I am face-outward on the science fiction and fantasy shelf (where, thanks to an accident of alphabetization, I'm located about a foot from Stephanie Meyer).

They have, from quick count while hyperventilating, about twenty-one copies out and on display. If you're not going to make the book release parties, or want to buy multiple copies, or just can't wait, this would be a dandy time to go and make the books go away, so that I can keep on breathing.

Tags: freaking out, release dates, rosemary and rue, toby daye
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