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Current projects, May 2009.

Hooray, hooray, the month of May—a month which has, thus far, seen me dash across the country to Michigan, finish a book, start revising two more, knock out a bunch of short fiction, and eat more tomatoes than anyone wants to believe. And now it's time for the May edition of my monthly list of current projects, because I like to make it obvious what I'm doing. These posts are labeled with the month and year, in case somebody eventually gets the crazy urge to timeline my work cycles (it'll probably be me). Behold the proof that I don't actually sleep; I just whimper and keep writing.

Please note that the first three Toby books are currently off this list, as they have been fully turned-in to DAW; more, the page proofs for Rosemary and Rue have been reviewed and returned, and I will never be allowed to change it again. You can purchase Rosemary and Rue [Amazon]|[Mysterious Galaxies]on September 1st, 2009 (or pre-order it today). Ah, progress. It smells like fear and uncontrollable twitching. Late Eclipses is off the list because it's under review with my agent. Newsflesh is off the list because it's being shopped, and that means I essentially can't have any contact with it until the process is done. I miss you, baby!

The cut-tag is here to stay, because no matter what I do, it seems like this list just keeps on getting longer. But that's okay, because at least it means I'm never actively bored. I have dinosaurs and zombies to keep me company.

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